Massage Therapy

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On-Site Services And Rates


InBliss Wellness offers on-site massage for:

Assisted Living and Long Term Care facilities

Individuals on hospice

Individuals pariticipating with Chanda Plan Foundation

Corporate Events

Sitting at a computer or in a wheelchair all day can be very uncomfortable and cause chronic pain. Massage therapy has been proven to increase blood and lymph circulation and alleviate muscle pain that comes with these lifestyles. Start treating your staff/residents/loved ones to some much needed relaxation. For more benefits of massage therapy, click here.

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Your therapist, Caitlyn, is professionally trained in EMS, therapeutic exercise therapy and CPR certified, and has experience as a geriatric fitness specialist. 


~Pricing variable is based on location~



Corporate Chair Massage$150 / 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$100-150 / 60 minutes